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Sat.06.10. Club Balkan Fever Presents :GYPSY BOX Dj Set ( Mexico )

Sat.06.10. Club Balkan Fever Presents :

GYPSY BOX Dj Set ( Mexico ) For the First Time In Finland

Balkan Fever Residents:

DJs LEVY ( Finland ) & BORZIN ( Iran / Germany )

plus VLADIMIR KEKEZ (Serbia) Rhythm section

+ VJ Pjotr

Place : Le Bonk Yjrönkatu 24 ,Helsinki

Time : 22-04

Tickets: 10 €

Ikäraja Ennakkolipulla K-20, ovelta K-24
Agelimit is 24 but with a presale Ticket only 20 years
YOU can pass the Queue with a pre sale Ticket. Be Smart Be Fast !

GYPSY BOX [United Global Beatz/ MEXICO]

Gypsy Box born in 2008. He have brought his sound to different clubs and festivals in countries like: Argentine, Chile, México, Spain, France, Denmark, Belgium, Germany,England.

He shared dj booth with famous dj's and artists such as:
Boban Marcovic(Serbia),Fanfare Ciocarlia(Romania),Robert Soko (Germany), Gypsy SoundSystem (Sweden) Coyflex (Denmark) , Sacha Dieu (England) , Dj Click (France), Chico Parany (Argentine), Bubamara Collective (Chile/Argentine) Negro Pesimo (Chile) Ion Din Anina (Spain) Gaetano Fabri (Bélgium) Tziganization Project (Bélgium) Balkan Hot Steppers (Bélgium).

He is the founder of Balkan Fever Party, active member of the collective United Global Beatz and dj resident in different clubs of Spain (Valencia, Seville & Madrid).


Balkan Fever Clubs have been setting Helsinki dance floors on fire for a half a dozen years now. The bands and DJs have come from all over Europe and the club's residents DJ Borzin and Levy ,VJ Pjotr have travelled all over the continent, too, all in the name of freeing people's asses so that their minds may follow.
Besides of making everybody crazy with the Balkan Fever Beats they had time to release a CD Compilation with only Finnish Artists which most of them have played in there Clubs during the Years . They as well won the Best Club Awards
2011 at the Funky Awards ...and be sure about one thing you never know what they have up there sleeves next .Be warned !!!

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