keskiviikko 30. joulukuuta 2009

Opa Novy God & NYE Spezials

Thank You Opa Novy God and all You people who came to party again!!!

The blog has not been really up-to-date but now we're online again! here's a picture from the ONG gig
go and download their excellent album for free from their myspace:

***STOP PRESS*** SOLD OUT.... very limited amount of reserved but unsold tickets will be released on the door 10 pm. Of course there will be some chance to get in after midnight again and the party is on until 04! Better than queue outside of any other nightclub in town, we promise. You can have a drink upstairs in Corona or Moskva on Your way down!

See You latest next year, the year of Balkan Music in Helsinki! Remember to get Your discount tickets for Mahala Rai Banda concert from www. with discount code Balkan Fever ! Opa!

torstai 10. joulukuuta 2009


Gee mom, this is even better than x-mas!!!

Orkestar Bordurka album release party feat. djs Borzin & Levy (Dijcka cancelled, sorry)
Sat. 12th of December, Bar Dubrovnik, Helsinki, 9 pm - 3 am, age limit 18, tickets 10,- €

Learn Your movez here:
Check the highlights of last summer's legendary Kaustinen gig:

Bordurka will be on air on on Maria!'s show Fri 11th Dec. somewhere between 4 pm. - 6 pm.

Get Your tickets in time, with cash money, from
I will ask the band guys to leave some cds for sale at Digelius also.

See You.

2010.... The Year of Balkan Music!

Turku & Tallinn may be the Culture Capitals 2011 and Helsinki The Design Capital 2012 but WE DECLARE YEAR 2010 TO BE THE YEAR OF BALKAN MUSIC HERE IN HELSINKI.
OUR DUBROVNIK PROGRAM FOR THE WINTER IS HERE AND IT WILL, IF POSSIBLE, JUST GET BETTER FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR... Towards the summer there will be more legendary guests coming from f.ex. Hungary & Germany, and the Finnish legends Hortto Kaalo prepare for their official 40 year anniversary tour & book release....

Sat. 30.01. Opa Novy God (New Year Band) from St.Petersburg visited Hellsinky last fall in Juttutupa to play the feet off from the bunch of audience that was lucky to be there. This time they're back for a club dancefloor in Dubrovnik and are up for a hilarious party to end the "tipaton tammikuu" -winter period of white noses. Check their myspace:

Sat. 20.02. Jasmine & Tinalos ladies will present some true gypsy beauty in heart & soul. They will be more than two ladies with also new live songs & surprise program. Do not miss this one!!!

Sat. 13.03. The Emperor of Planet Paprika will be back in Helsinki. Shantel 5 hr solo set.
The lucky ones that got the sold-out&fought-for-tickets for the last time here know what to expect.
(The ladies who left early last time because they accidentally got drinks poured on them, please contact us for compensation....)

Tickets for next year will be available from starting in January 2010, get yours in time, limited 200 people venue capacity. Yes, we are considering bigger venues but Dubrovnik is such a nice place! See You there!

keskiviikko 9. joulukuuta 2009

2010 winter program & Mahala Rai Banda poster ready!!!

Woohoo! We are extremely happy to, in co-operation with Eastway, present Romanian Mahala Rai Banda in Helsinki 5.2.2010!!!

Their new cd "Ghetto Blasters" has been ruling the world music charts lately and was chosen the "Album of The Year 2009" by The Songlines Magazine! We advise You to get the cd from Digelius or the internez! Seems also to be available in ITunes but not Spotified yet...

Finno-Balkan Voices will be warming up, to give a taste of their next day's concert in SibaFest: Conducted by Bulgaria's finest: Prof. Dr. Dora Hristova of the legendary "Le Mystere Des Voix Bulgares"!

Your hosts Borzin & Levy will also here at Vanha guarantee that it will be very difficult to leave the dancefloor before 02.30. Unforgettable Balkan party night it will be!

P.S. If You think the 39,- € ticket price is salty: Here's a "secret" discount code to get the tickets for 32,-€ before 10th of January: Balkan Fever.

Get the pre-sale tickets from menolippu: