keskiviikko 30. joulukuuta 2009

Opa Novy God & NYE Spezials

Thank You Opa Novy God and all You people who came to party again!!!

The blog has not been really up-to-date but now we're online again! here's a picture from the ONG gig
go and download their excellent album for free from their myspace:

***STOP PRESS*** SOLD OUT.... very limited amount of reserved but unsold tickets will be released on the door 10 pm. Of course there will be some chance to get in after midnight again and the party is on until 04! Better than queue outside of any other nightclub in town, we promise. You can have a drink upstairs in Corona or Moskva on Your way down!

See You latest next year, the year of Balkan Music in Helsinki! Remember to get Your discount tickets for Mahala Rai Banda concert from www. with discount code Balkan Fever ! Opa!

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