tiistai 31. toukokuuta 2011

Sat.04.06.Club Balkan Fever !!! Goes Summer@Le Bonk

Sat. 04.06. Club Balkan Fever !!! Goes Summer @ Le Bonk




SOMA ( Balkan Fever )

BORZIN & LEVY ( Balkan Fever Residents )


The DJs will also play on the Roof Top Terrace 22-04

Location :

Le Bonk Music Machine
Yrjönkatu 24
Helsinki / Finland

Time : 22-04

Tickets  8,- € pre sale from

Age limit 24 years with pre sale Ticket only 20 years

YOU can pass the Queue with a advance Ticket. Be Smart Be Fast  !

More about Club Balkan Fever!!! here :

torstai 26. toukokuuta 2011

torstai 19. toukokuuta 2011

Sat.21.05.Club Balkan Fever !!!present :EMMI KNUUTINEN & CO: BULGARSKA KITKA

Saturday 21.05. Club Balkan Fever !!! Helsinki present :


Emmi Knuutinen: voc, kantele
Mamo Ensemble: voc
Mihail Dintchev: tambura, voc
Von & Af: harmonium, tuba, voc

Emmi Knuutinen & CO will play brand new material which has roots in Bulgarian dance and
choir music and in traditional singing.Performers are all folk musicians from Finland and Bulgaria.
Emmi Knuutinen sings in the Vocal Ensemble Finno-Balkan Voices:

! Attention ! The Live Performance will already start at 21.00

Hosted by Balkan Fever Djs Borzin &Levy

Place : Dubrovnik, Eerikinkatu 11 ,Helsinki

08pm - 3 am - 20.00 - 03.00

Age limit 18

Tickets only 10,-€  After the Band 5,-€

Pre sale starts 16.05. from www.digelius.fi (cash only please)

Club Balkan Fever!!! info :





sunnuntai 8. toukokuuta 2011

Sat.14.05.Club Balkan Fever present : BALTIK BASS

Note: Change of Artist ! We would like to inform that Dj Shotnez of Balkan Beat Box cant play on the 14.05. in Le Bonk .But we are happy to announce that he will be coming on Sat.02.07. to play at Club Balkan Fever.More info come soon.

: New Line up :

Saturday 14.05. Club Balkan Fever !!! present: BALTIK BASS


Guest EMIL ( Baltik Bass )

Resident BORZIN ( Balkan Fever )

Resident : VLADIMIR KEKEZ (Ser)

plays Darbuka http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goblet_drum

Location :
Le Bonk Music Machine
Yrjönkatu 24
Helsinki / Finland

:Tip: Le Bonks great Summer Roof Terrace is open till 04

Time : 22-04

Tickets Only 8,- €
pre sale here : http://www.tiketti.fi/tapahtuma/11891

Age limit 24 years with pre sale Ticket only 20 years
YOU can pass the Queue with a pre sale Ticket. Be Smart Be Fast !

Dj Emils Bio :
He is a versatile DJ with a keen interest in music from all around

the world. He has a background in musicology and apart from producing music and DJing, Emil lectures on popular music history. Emil also runs the Maasto Records imprint, which latest releases include the Baltik bass vol. 1 EP. This release features new electronic club music based on the folk music from the Baltic sea region - defined as a sister genre to Balkan beat. Emil has outside of Finland performed in places like Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia and, together with the Boom Shakalaka DJ collective, he hosts a world music Radio show on Basso radio.

DJ Emils Old & New Favourites

1. Nicolae Guta - Cu cine m-am insurat
2. Nicolae Guta - Gigolo
3. Dj Svengali vs Markku Lepistö - Free your soul feat. Mad Ice
4. Cosmonautix - Misirlou
5. Las Balkanieras - What's cooking?
6. Mightyfools - Hoo haa (Neki Edit)
7. Dunkelbunt - White Chocolate Butterfly (Stefano Miele Remix)
8. Sa Bat Machines - Valium gitan
9. Nicolae Guta - Domnul politai
10.Stefano Miele - Dumineca Matina feat. Daniele Durante


More about Club Balkan Fever!!! here :

tiistai 3. toukokuuta 2011

Club Balkan Fever !!! goes Summer Terrace

Club Balkan Fever & mbar present together a Series of 4 Events during this Summer on mbars Terrace.
Yes finally Summer is coming and we are Happy to have put a Great program together for that.Mark your Calendars.
We suggest to get some new dancing shoes.Opa!

Timetable to all Events Outside 21-02 & Inside 02-03
Free Entry !

Sat.07.05.Club Balkan Fever!!! DJs Borzin & Levy
Guest Vladimir Kekez ( Ser) plays Darbuka

Sat.11.06.Club Balkan Fever!! ! AFROKOLA BRASS BAND (FI)
& DJs Borzin & Levy
This program is part of the Bassline Festival

Sat.09.07.Club Balkan Fever!!! DJs Borzin & Levy
Guest Vladimir Kekez (Ser) plays Darbuka

Sat.13.08. Club Balkan Fever !!! SHAVA (FI)
& DJs Borzin & Levy