tiistai 3. toukokuuta 2011

Club Balkan Fever !!! goes Summer Terrace

Club Balkan Fever & mbar present together a Series of 4 Events during this Summer on mbars Terrace.
Yes finally Summer is coming and we are Happy to have put a Great program together for that.Mark your Calendars.
We suggest to get some new dancing shoes.Opa!

Timetable to all Events Outside 21-02 & Inside 02-03
Free Entry !

Sat.07.05.Club Balkan Fever!!! DJs Borzin & Levy
Guest Vladimir Kekez ( Ser) plays Darbuka

Sat.11.06.Club Balkan Fever!! ! AFROKOLA BRASS BAND (FI)
& DJs Borzin & Levy
This program is part of the Bassline Festival

Sat.09.07.Club Balkan Fever!!! DJs Borzin & Levy
Guest Vladimir Kekez (Ser) plays Darbuka

Sat.13.08. Club Balkan Fever !!! SHAVA (FI)
& DJs Borzin & Levy


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