torstai 30. elokuuta 2012

SAT 08.09. Club Balkan Fever !!! Helsinki presents :DR.MALAKA (London)

DR. MALAKA DJ Set ( London ) For the First Time in Finland

Dr.Malaka hails from the mountainous borderland between Italy and Slovenia. His Austrian,
Slovenian and Italian ancestry meant that Balkan music was a strong force from the very beginning of his life.
Much of his childhood and and youth was spent performing internationally with a folk dance troop.
His career as a DJ started accidentally at a Spanish festival in 2007 - the accident was so successful that Malaka soon made the transition into being a professional DJ, and now regularly plays major festivals across the world, such as Glastonbury, Burning Man and Big Chill,
as well as playing at parties across Europe. His background of folk dance comes through in his super high energy, made-for-dancing DJ sets!

In 2009 he joined forced with Robert Soko to launch BalkanBeats London - an immediate success, which continues to sell out three years later!

This year Dr Malaka is taking his talents to new levels with new projects, he has started producing his own music.

Balkan Fever Residents:
DJs LEVY ( Finland ) & BORZIN ( Iran / Germany )

plus VLADIMIR KEKEZ (Serbia) Rhythm section

VJ Pjotr

Place : Le Bonk Yjrönkatu 24 ,Helsinki

Roof Terrace Open till 04! All Djs will play there if the Weather is Good enough .

Tickets: 10 € from Tiketti : ... puja/16896

Ikäraja Ennakkolipulla K-20, ovelta K-24

Agelimit is 24 but with a presale Ticket only 20 years
YOU can pass the Queue with a pre sale Ticket. Be Smart Be Fast ! ... 904&v=info

Next Party Saturday 06.10. @ Le Bonk with Guest GYPSY BOX(Madrid),DJ BORZIN & LEVY,VLADA KEKEZ drums (Serbia)

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