torstai 2. helmikuuta 2012

Sat.25.02. Club Balkan Fever presents :

SHANTEL 14 Years of Anarchy & Romance DJ Session

Hosted By Borzin & Levy

The King of Balkan Disko returns to Helsinki to play another of his 5
Hours Dj Sessions .
Everybody still remembers the great Show in front of a Crowd of 4000 @
the Flow Festival 2011.

Shantel is an exceptional artist with a global reach. He has won
international awards for several of his albums, which cover a broad
range of styles, and has fired up the atmosphere at hundreds of gigs,
festivals and parties with his uniquely eclectic sound. His Bucovina,
Disko Partizani, Disko Boy and Citizen of Planet Paprika have made
this German phenomenon (Vogue) famous throughout Europe (including
Turkey, where Shantel is a pop icon) and beyond, inspiring countless
artists from Finland to Buenos Aires and former Yugoslavia (where he
is regularly featured on MTV Balkanika).

Time 22-04

Tickets 15 €
Get your tickets in advance here
Agelimit is 24 but with a presale Ticket only 20 years
YOU can pass the Queue with a pre sale Ticket. Be Smart Be Fast !

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