maanantai 9. tammikuuta 2012

Sat.28.01. Club Balkan Fever presents :Dj Government 4000 ( Serbia )

Resident DJs BORZIN & LEVY feat. VLADIMIR KEKEZ ( Serbia)

Special Guest: DJ GOVERNMENT 4000 ( Serbia ) For the first time ever in Finland.

The diversity of world bass music is perfectly captured here.
Forward-thinking and fresh, these new sub-genres rely on modern
technology yet are heavily inspired by traditional cultures. They're
global yet influenced by very local experiences. And more than
anything this new musical landscape is colourful, fun and constantly
evolving. In Government 4000 they have found themselves a champion
where Easts meets West and where everybody comes to dance."Vladimir
Popović aka Government 4000 is one of the leading lights in the global
bass scene in Eastern Europe. Listen closely as Brazilian baile funk
meets Balkan beats, gypsy grooves, electro folk and more global bass
to get you moving.

Time 22-04

Tickets 8 €
Agelimit is 24 but with a presale Ticket only 20 years
YOU can pass the Queue with a pre sale Ticket. Be Smart Be Fast !

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