maanantai 4. marraskuuta 2013

Sat.16.11.CLUB BALKAN FEVER& HLEF present :ROBERT ŠOKO (BalkanBeats Berlin)

Club Balkan Fever!!!&Helsinki Short Film Festival presents :

ROBERT ŠOKO DJ SET BiH ( BalkanBeats Berlin )

DJ BORZIN ( Balkan Fever )

Place : Dubrovnik - Eerinkinkatu 11 - Helsinki

Time : 22-04

Age 18

Tickets: 9 ,- €

Presale : Cash only please

Tickets are limited to 200 pieces - So be Fast be Smart .

ROBERT ŠOKO – the „Godfather of BalkanBeats".

Marked by asymmetric rhythms, exciting mixtures of Eastern and Western tonal structures and an abundance of energy - BALKANBEATS - the mix between electronic dance rhythms and traditional Balkan folk music - has taken the world by storm.
ROBERT SOKO, a native of Bosnia left his home for Berlin as a young adult. His interest for music lead him to gravitate around eastern European music.
He was the first one to coin the term, "BalkanBeats", in order to define the mix of music he played in his DJ sets in the early 1990s.
This powerful musical hodgepodge, which can transform a bunch of strangers into a circle of friends, has since become a genre in itself and has inspired many DJs all over the world.



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