maanantai 12. elokuuta 2013

Saturday 17.08. Club Balkan Fever !!! Helsinki presents : JARGOSLAVIA

Special Guest :  JARGOSLAVIA Live
About the band:
Jarkko Jargeli Niemelä (Jaakko Laitinen & Väärä Raha, Alamaailman Vasarat) is the leader and founder of the band Jargoslavia (from the Socialist Republic of Jargoslavia). We play mostly our own songs with a twist from Balkans, but also many other styles worth playing. You will want to dance along with us and enjoy the music of Jargoslavia!

Jargeli, vocals, trumpet, alto horn, bouzouki (Jargelia)
Antti Kujanpää, keyboards (Andersia)
Petri Kautto, guitar (Pjotr & Hadzhigovina)
Jori Huhtala, bass (Jorgosia)
Tuomas Timonen, drums (Tuomazia)


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Place : Dubrovnik, Eerikinkatu 11 ,Helsinki

10 pm - 3 am - 22.00 - 03.00

Age limit 18

Tickets only 10,-€ After the band 5,-€

Very Limited amount of  200 Tickets . Be smart be fast .

Pre sale Tickets are NOW available from
(cash only please)

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