tiistai 6. syyskuuta 2011

Saturday 24.09.2011

Club Balkan Fever & Love and Anarchy Festival proudly presents:


Balkan Fever: DJs BORZIN & LEVY feat. VLADIMIR KEKEZ on Daburka ( Serbia )

Place : DUBROVNIK / Eerikinkinkatu 11 / Helsinki / Finland

Time : 22.30 - 03

Tickets are 12 € and limited to 200 Pieces available from
www.digelius.fi on sale NOW. Cash Only Please !

Age Limit 18

Links :

Shazalakazoo Making electronic music since 1998; performing it live since 2000.
A band from Belgrade (Serbia) formed by Milan Djurić (usb-clarinet,
plastic knobs, faders, rubber pads, silicon chips, singing and
shouting) and Uroš Petković (electric violin, turntablism and silicon
chips). The band plays danceable electronic bass music spiced with the
sounds originating from their own region - the Balkans. Their
interpretation of Balkan melodies, harmonies and rhythm patterns are
often intertwined with the influences that come mostly from Latin
America and Sub-Saharan Africa, creating the unique musical blend
which they call folkstep.

The band performed in Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro,
Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy,
Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Russia, Denmark,
Sweden, Norway, Finland, Slovakia and Poland so far.
They have two albums - Speaking Balkanian (2010) and The New album
BANG! BANG! is aiming to be released in October 2011 for Berlin`s
Their compositions and remixes appear on various compilations or other
artist`s releases.


Club Balkan Fever!!! has been rocking Finland with his attitude for
over 2 Years now.They are running there Clubs Nights @ Dubrovnik
Eerikinkatu 11 and Le Bonk Yrjönkatu 24 ,Helsinki Finland. We play all
Kind of Balkan Music in a Traditional and Modern Style. Great parties
with a flavor of Balkan Beats and Melodies are just right place for
people to have one of the best PARTY, PARTY times of there Live !So
get some new Dancing Shoes before you enter the Dancefloor.OPA! The
Club had Guests like Mahala Rai Banda ( Macedonia ) , Besh o Drom (
Hungary ), Robert Soko ( Berlin ) , Ahilea ( Macedonia ) , Dj Tagada (
Paris ) ,Max Pashm ( Uk ) , Gaetano Fabri ( Belgium) ,Dj Shotnez (
NYC) , Prinssen Paulista ( Oslo )& Shantel (Germany ) and the whole
range of the local Balkan Music Scene from Finland there are to many
to mention here.

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