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Sat.13.11.Club Balkan Fever!!! present: SHANTEL DJ SET (Ger)


13.11.Club Balkan Fever!!! present: AUTHENTIC TOUR 2010

SHANTEL 5 Hour DJ SET  (Ger) The King of Balkan Disco Returns !

Hosted by  BORZIN & LEVY

Location :
Le Bonk Music Machine

Yrjönkatu 24
Helsinki / Finland

Time 22-04

Tickets 15 € pre sale

Age limit 24 years with pre sale Ticket only 20 years

YOU can pass the Queue with a pre sale Ticket. Be Smart Be Fast  !

Interview - SHANTEL


Shantel began his DJ career in Frankfurt, Germany, and was inspired by the audience reaction to gypsy brass bands such as Fanfare Ciocărlia and trumpeter Boban Marković to infuse electronically-tweaked Balkan gypsy music into his DJ set. Shantel released two compilations of his popular DJ night, Bucovina Club, on his own Essay label, which won the Club Global award in the 2006 BBC Radio 3 Awards for World Music. He was one of several DJs to remix recordings of Taraf de Haïdouks and Kočani Orkestar on the Electric Gypsyland compilations from Belgium's Crammed Discs label, and released his next album on that label. He gained popularity in Turkey after recorded clip of 'Disko Partizani' in Istanbul.Shantel's 2007 album Disko Partizani departed somewhat from the techno sound of Bucovina Club, concentrating more on the music's Balkan roots.On August 28th 2009 he released his new album with the name "Planet Paprika".Since then he has been touring in Sold out Venues all over the Planet Paprika.
His last March Helsinki show @ Club Balkan Fever was Sold out in Advance ..
Dont miss the Crazy Disko Partizani Show .


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