torstai 15. lokakuuta 2009

Calm before the next storm...

Thanks Transkaakko, Karri and You, the audience who made it a hell of a party again last time!
(The pic is from the soundcheck.... heh)

This Balkan/Gypsy music thing is finally approaching the position it deserves: Shantel tours Europe with his Bucovina Club Orchestra for sold out venues and his Planet Paprika -album is chart no1 in f.ex Turkey (of all sold music!) and Womex world music charts. We are working hard to get him back to Helsinki next year..... let's wish for the best.

Anyway the lineup for Balkan Fever!!! -clubs and events 2010 will be massive. Stay tuned here to get the latest news and join Our Facebook group:

Meanwhile, in Helsinki, check out the excellent acts coming to play Savoy and Kaisaniemi during the Etnosoi! -festival:
before our next blast:

SAT. 21.11. CLUB BALKAN FEVER!!! presents: BAKLAVA live

The extraordinary nine-piece orchestra BAKLAVA are:

Heidi Kiviharju -voc.
Emmi Knuutinen -voc.
Minsku Tammela -voc.
Teija Niku -acc.
Sami Kurppa -cl.
Ilkka Heinonen -cb.
Samppa Leino -brass
Markus Larjomaa -brass

Balkan Fever quality beats served by Your beloved hosts Borzin & Levy!
Quality drinks served by the Bar Dubrovnik super staff!
The hottest dancefloor moves served by the Balkan Fever quality crowd!
Not to mention Anu -the nicest ticket sales person ever!
Even the door guys are friendly and the new smoking booth for nicotine addicts will hopefully be ready by the best Balkan pikkujoulu party You've ever been to!!!!
Place: Dubrovnik (Corona Downstairs) Eerikinkatu 11

Time : 21-03
Tickets : 10,- €

Tickets NOW available from Digelius Music Store
(Please CASH ONLY !)
Tel. 09-666375 Open: Mo-Fri 11-18, Sat. 10-16

Rest of 2009 program:

Sat. 12.12. Bordurka, guest dj Dijcka

Thu 31.12. Progressive Balkan NYE Special Disko:

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